“Absolutely fantastic”

I learned so much from Ellen, going over every corner of the SAT. Talking through the reading, math, and writing sections thoroughly and explaining strategies. She gave me the confidence to absolutely crush the SAT. If you’re in the area and looking for a tutor. Look no further.
~Stephen T., 10/5/13

“Well worth my time!”

Ellen is a great tutor. She provided my son with strategies on how to take the SAT. She broke down the SAT section by section and taught him strategies on how to take the test. He is much more confident now. Instead of dreading taking the SAT, he is looking forward to applying the new strategies she taught him to the test.
~Jill B., 1/20/14

“Great SAT Math prep tutor!”

Ellen helped my son prepare for the math section of the SAT exam. She helped him solve specific problems by patiently and thoroughly teaching the underlying method. In addition, and perhaps as importantly, Ellen offered practical and useful strategies and approaches to boost his overall confidence and understanding going into the exam. I highly recommend Ellen as a tutor.
~Jan M., 12/2/13

“I just feel so much more confident!”

I’m pretty sure I aced the math quiz this morning, and I think math is my favorite subject now! Also, we were selecting our club preferences for the year this afternoon, and I put Mathletes down as my third choice!
~Mary Almah D., 9/12/14

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