Book 30: “a book set in a different country”


That was an incredible reading experience. The only word I can think of to describe it is “gorgeous.” I’m not sure there are words for this one, but I’ll try.

I loved the descriptive style of this book. The narrator often gives descriptions in a way that shuffles up all the senses, describing things metaphorically as different colors or describing someone ‘tasting a sound with their ears’ and the like. It was emotionally striking, and what was even more incredible was that this style was maintained throughout the entire book, without ever repeating a description. It felt really rich and textured, and I found myself wholeheartedly sunk into the world. Part of why this book took me a while to get through, in fact, was that I kept wanting to go back and savor the descriptions, read them aloud, think about them before continuing with the story.

I also think the ending chapters of this one are probably the saddest I’ve ever been while reading a book – and yet, I never actually cried. Something about a resigned, exhausted Death narrating the story made me feel simultaneously fully invested and completely hopelessly detached. My chest still feels tight and my breathing strained, and yet…my eyes are still dry. Fascinating experience. This one will definitely be a repeat read.