Book 27: “a book from your childhood”

When I was growing up, there were always a few of these “The Cat Who” mystery novels lying around the house. This long-running series concerns a newspaper columnist with two finicky Siamese cats, the gimmick being that the cats have a sixth sense about solving murder mysteries and often lead the journalist to breakthroughs in the case. When I came across one of these books in a list of books published in 1986 (for another line item), I felt a rush of excitement and nostalgia for when I used to read them over and over. I quickly dug up one that I hadn’t read before and used it for this line item.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit, though it did have substantially less of the cats’ antics than some others – and that’s my favorite part of these books! There were a few scary near-misses in this one where I genuinely feared for the lives of the journalist and his cats, and it kept my interest the whole time quite easily. I highly recommend it if you like fluffy murder-mysteries.