2016 Reading Challenge!

Welcome to the 2016 Reading Challenge! This was the second year of my completing the Challenges, which didn’t fare so well – the list wasn’t as much fun as the previous year, and I wasn’t as motivated to keep reading regularly. I ended up switching back to the 2015 prompt list halfway through the year in an attempt to renew my energy, but it only half worked. But something is better than nothing, so here’s what I read in 2016:

Here is the list of items for 2016, and below it you’ll find the links to my reviews, in the order I completed them:

Book 1: A political memoir

Book 2: A classic from the 20th century

Book 3: A book recommended by a family member

Book 4: A National Book Award winner

Book 5: A book that’s more than 600 pages

Book 6: A book from Oprah’s Book Club

Book 7: A funny book

Book 8: A book of short stories

Book 9: A book with nonhuman characters

Book 10: A book with magic

Book 11: A book that became a movie

Book 12: A trilogy

Book 13: A book set during Christmas

Book 14: A nonfiction book