Reading Challenges!

Welcome to my pages for the PopSugar Reading Challenge! I decided to tackle this 50-line challenge at the beginning of 2015, and have made an earnest attempt at it every year since. My first Challenge in 2015 was successful; 2016 and 2017 not so much – having a baby makes reading a book per week hard! But it’s not about finishing the whole thing; the point is in the process – I’m still reading much more than I was before I started this project, and I’ve exposed myself to many kinds of literature I would never have thought about before this project began.

Each book I finish gets a mini-review posted on my Facebook page. I post my mini-reviews on this site as well, but always several months behind, so you should still go “Like” me on Facebook to follow along and get all the updates as they happen!

If you want to join me in taking the challenge, you can find the current year’s list with a quick internet search for “Popsugar Reading Challenge” and your year. Here are the rules:

  • The 50 line items are detailed in each image produced by the Popsugar website. I’ve also placed the image on the main Challenge page for each year on this site. You may choose to read one book per line item, or double up and check off as many items as apply to each book you read. I’m going for the super challenge of only assigning one line item per book.
  • Either way, the goal is to have checked every item off the list by the end of the year.
  • EXTRA CHALLENGE BONUS RULE! I’m adding the bonus rule that each book must be one I haven’t yet read (unless the line item specifically states that it’s a re-read). I tend to do a lot of re-reading books as preparation for working with my students, but I was unsatisfied with the amount of new material I was reading. Completely optional, but bonus points if you do!

Click the links below to see my Challenge pages for each year!

2015 Reading Challenge – 50 out of 50 completed – SUCCESS!